Hey there,

YakYai and spitFIRE

We’re glad you’re here. We’re Cindy and Josh, a couple of 40-something Canadians who got fed up with the life we were “supposed” to live, and instead have set our sights on what we call ALLO: A Life Less Ordinary.  We now spend our winters in an off grid house we built on an island in Thailand, do a lot of wacky projects, travel a ton, and generally live life as fully as we can.  

Freedom is what motivates us, and using the power of the internet, we’ve broken out of the normal 9-5 grind. 

You might be wondering: Sure…but how do you do that and still “adult”? Well, that’s what this blog is about.  

We’re not 20-somethings on a gap year. We’re adults with real obligations, jobs and pets. But we’ve found ways to carve out a lot of freedom.

We both created location independent jobs and built multiple passive income streams. We make money using our laptops, an internet connection, and a little creativity. We travel for a big portion of each year. 

Our place in Thailand

While living part time overseas, we’re also on the journey toward financial independence and early retirement (FIRE). When we get there, we’ll split our time equally between Thailand and Canada.  

If you’re wondering how to shift gears in your life and get more fulfilment today, we understand. We get how it feels to be broke, hate your  job and to be desperate for change. We were there and it really sucked. 

We did everything the way we were supposed to: We had regular office jobs, we worked under fluorescent lights; we took short vacations and we tried to save money. We bought houses and cars. But we weren’t happy, and financially, we were barely keeping our heads above water.

So. One day we decided to opt out of the traditional framework and structure our lives to be less ordinary. 

And the cool part?

Today we spend winters in the beautiful sunshine in Thailand and travel a whole bunch, for a lot less than it would cost us to stay home for Canada’s dark, freezing winters. We invest our money in simple but effective ways. Our laptops are our offices and we make our living from various passive (and some admittedly not so passive) income streams. 

Our house in Thailand.

If you’re looking for more freedom in your life, we’re proof it’s totally achievable, even though we’re not experts and we’re still on this path ourselves. 

I know, it sounds like marketing BS right? What are we trying to sell you?

Well, actually, nothing. You won’t find us asking for any of your hard earned cash around here. We’re just real people who really did shift our lives to be less traditional, and we’ve found it to be pretty amazing and attainable. We want to share our story and our day to day life and projects with you.

Create Freedom and Abundance on Your Terms

You’ll find three big topics here. First, Money. We see money as the ticket to freedom. The immense relief of being able to make money from anywhere is life changing.  Untangling hours spent working from your income is key in creating a freedom lifestyle. As Warren Buffet famously said, if you’re not making money while you sleep, you will work until you die. We’ll help you find ways to be frugal and ways to make money online.

Our second passion is Travel. If you’re into finding off-the-beaten-path places to explore and getting great value for your dollar, we’ve got travel hacks and handy tips to help you chase your adventures. And if you’re a sun seeker, you’ll especially love the places we write about. 

And third, Making Cool Stuff. When you’re not tied to a desk, you have more free time. Why not use it to make stuff? To Cindy cool stuff might be a healthy meal, homemade sea salt, or a new essential oil recipe she can’t wait to share. To Josh, cool stuff might be building a new off the grid solar panel system, or distilling some delicious booze.  

sydjosh project allo on beachALLO: A Life Less Ordinary

It comes down to this: We asked ourselves what we would regret more: trying claim freedom now, or not trying at all?  

We decided to give making money online a try, as well as making extended travel a priority and working toward financial independence. 

And guess what?

While Project ALLO is still underway and we are still on the journey, we can confidently say YES, a life less ordinary is not only possible, it’s easier to achieve than we ever imagined. And if regular ol’ us can do it, pretty much anyone can. 

Living part time overseas and working toward early retirement isn’t for everyone, but if you crave freedom and adventure, at any stage of life,  it’s worth exploring. 

If you want to switch gears from the ordinary; to work from anywhere, make passive income and travel a whole bunch, you’re in good company here. 

Many people will tell you it’s not realistic, but we’re here to say just the opposite.

We’re here to tell you you got this 🙂  

You can own your life. And for cryin’ out loud you deserve to! You’ve only got the one. 

Now let’s get to it.