Money is your ticket to freedom.

Money is freedom, and freedom is sweet. Learn to make money blossom in your life and how you can ditch the office and work from wherever you want. 


My Shutterstock Review: How I Made $79,888.53

One of my favorite side hustles of all time is Shutterstock. I have made $79,888.53 in 10 years. Here I share my tips for how to succeed in selling your photos online, even if you're not a pro photog (I'm not!).

horse splurge

In Defense Of the Splurge: A Unique Approach to FI

Too often the road to financial independence is marked with a gritty deprivation-style mentality. Learn why we're unapologetic about our big financial splurges, even as we aim toward early retirement.

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7 Handy Resources for New Bloggers Who Want to Monetize

This is a list of the 7 BEST internet resources that helped me the most when learning to create a successful blog that makes money. There are a lot of rabbit holes in blogging, here is the stuff that's actually useful!


23 Ways to Save Money Every Day - Frugal Living for 2020

I've rounded up 23 awesome ways to save money every single day without losing your mind or feeling like a tightwad. Click here to get some awesome tips that will help you save more money in 2020.