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Super Dead Bug Juice: Nicotine Bug Spray Recipe for Plants

Looking for a DIY homemade nicotine bug spray repellent recipe to protect your garden from nasty pests like mealy worms and caterpillars and more?

Look no further: This homespun nicotine spray will zonk the bugs in your garden, and it’s very simple to make at home. Heck, it even smells nice!

When I got to Thailand this year and surveyed how our garden held up while being neglected over the rainy season while we were gone, to my dismay bugs had ravaged the plants. Hornworms, aphids, slugs… a whole host of nasties were evident. 

Particularly, what is in my mind a pitchfork wielding maniacally laughing herd of caterpillars had feasted on the many hibiscus trees surrounding our house. 

Our beautiful bird’s nest fern was also valiantly fighting off an infestation of mealy bugs. I must say I hate these little tropical plant pest bastards. 

So. Once I arrived in Thailand there was a new sheriff in town and I let the little rascals know this garden bug infestation was over.

Job one was to create a batch of my favorite super duper plant bug killer: SUPER DEAD BUG JUICE! Woot.

This nicotine spray mixed with garlic is awesome at killing bugs on your plants, deterring future visitors without hurting the garden or plants themselves.

Ready to make up your own batch? 

Here’s the recipe for this wicked homemade plant pest repellent spray.

Super Dead Bug Nicotine Spray Ingredients

1 tin cheap nicotine, approx. 200g (or gather a bunch of used cigarette butts if you smoke)
1 cup water
1-2 TBS garlic, chopped finely
1 TBS regular kitchen dish soap
Filter material (coffee filter, old fabric, cheese cloth etc.)
1 jar
1 plastic funnel
1 spray bottle

Method: How to Make the Bug Spray of Doom

Mix water and tobacco in pot on stove and stir
Bring to a gradual boil
Once simmering, let cool, stirring occasionally
In a separate pot, put garlic and a ¼ cup of water and bring to a boil
Once garlic water is boiled, mix with nicotine water
Pour into jar, let sit approx. 1-2 hours to cool
Add 1 TBS of dish soap and stir gently
Drain nicotine, garlic and soap mixture into a jar through a sieve or mesh (or even an old piece of fabric or cheese cloth works)
Using a funnel, funnel liquid extracted from filter into spray bottle
Spray on your plants – on top of and below the leaves
Kill all the things

In Conclusion

I hope this homemade bug spray for garden pests works as well for you as it does for me in our Thailand garden. Garden pests are very common where we live, on the island of Koh Chang near the southern tip of Burma, which is basically right in the jungle, so I spray thoroughly about once a year and reapply a bit after any heavy rainfalls. 

That usually that does the trick, but do keep an eye on your plants to make sure your concentration was strong enough.

Your plants will thank you for ridding them of garden pests with this awesome DIY plant bug spray! 

Have you tried this pest killer? 

Let me know how it went in the comments below.

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