5 Sayulita Hotels You Will Absolutely Love in 2020

drink at the pool at playa escondida

If you’re planning a trip to Sayulita Mexico and you’re looking for some fabulous boutique hotels to stay in, look no further. Consider this your insider’s guide to the best places to stay in the awesome beach town of Sayulita.

Sayulita has been my go-to chill out destination for many years. My sister used to live there full time so I have some inside scoop on this quaint little beach town. Come for the long sandy beach and surf, stay for beautiful hippy cafes, world class fish tacos and horse riding on the beach.

But where to stay in Sayulita that is cool and cute but won’t break the bank? 

Do You Want “Party Sayulita” or “Chill Sayulita”?

Once you’ve decided the vibe you’re after, picking a hotel is easier.

Are you looking for an atmosphere that’s more energetic with lots of restaurants and shopping nearby? Pick a hotel near the city square.

Or, are you wanting to be somewhere beachfront and/or more chilled out? Go up the hill (Nanzal or Gringo Hill) or slightly out of town to Playa Escondida or Haramara and their private beaches. 

Everything in town is fairly close and accessible, but once you start venturing into the hills or to Playa Escondida or Haramara, it’s good to plan on a lot of walking or rent a golf cart (golf carts are super common in Sayulita). 

I personally like the best of both worlds so tend to break my trip into two different hotel stays. I stay right in the town of Sayulita for part of my holiday, then escape to more serene spots for the second half of my trip.  

Without further ado, here are few boutique hotel, villas and resort options that I personally recommend: 

Villa Amor: Out of Town Chill Sayulita Hotel Option

Villa Amor is group of 42 private villas on top of the hill just at the end of Sayulita, slightly out of town.

What I love about staying here is that you have loads of privacy and independence, it’s your own little beachy-feeling house and private terrace on the hill.

The views are great if you choose a sea facing villa and many villas have their own small private plunge pools. 

Whenever I come here I try to book the Cascada room – it’s an immaculate one bedroom villa with a great view and its own private terrace and pool. Everything in it works for my travel style – simple, minimalist and pretty.

The decor at Villa Amor is a nice beachy bohemian vibe that isn’t overdone. There’s a definite sense of unpretentious elegance here, not too fancy, but definitely nice. Each room has good free coffee and filtered water and there are free yoga classes offered most days.

In a nutshell, things at Villa Amor are easy breezy.

It’s clean, simple and lovely…staff speak wonderful English, the wifi is good.

With all that and the delicious privacy having your own villa affords, this is one of the more romantic boutique hotels in Sayulita, if you ask me.

Rates start at $100 per night. Book your trip.

Playa Escondida Sayulita: Affordable Luxury In A Private Jungle Out of Town


playa escondida sayulita logoConsidered by many the only ‘true’ luxury resort in Sayulita (though I might argue Haramara also belongs on this list), Playa Escondida shines bright in your choice of Sayulita Hotels. 

This is a special place with its own brand of exclusive-feeling awesome and it’s own private beach. 

Playa Escondida is a world apart – set right in the lush jungle near the ocean. It evokes a sense of calm every time I arrive. 

I’m actually surprised more people don’t know about it. I like Playa Escondida so much I wrote an entire review on it here. 


In a nutshell, this is an affordable but very high end secluded boutique hotel about 1 mile out of Sayulita proper. 

It’s made special by its adult oriented atmosphere, stunning views,  private beach, saltwater cliffside infinity pool, two great and reasonably priced restaurants and full spa. (Fun fact, Bachelor in Paradise was filmed here.) 

At Playa Escondida, you feel so pampered. Enjoy (hella affordable!) personalized drinks made to order by a very talented bartender and the sound of jungle birds and nature all around. 

Here you’ve got limited wifi, but this is a good thing. 

It’s incredibly romantic here, which makes it ironic that every single time I’ve been here it’s with a friend, not with Josh. But one day we will make it here together!  If you can manage a little splurge, I think this is definitely worth it.

I typically budget to spend two days here, and share my room with a friend to make it affordable. 

Rates start at $165 per night for the jungle rooms, which are what I typically stay in.

I vote for the room called Cabana if you want an affordable adorable treehouse grotto vibe suitable for two couples.

If you want a beach room, be prepared to spend a bit more, but the views are epic and most have a/c. 

You can also rent a golf cart for $35 a day which is a really fun way to get back and forth to town and feel like a badass with the wind in your hair (you won’t feel weird in a golfcart, everyone in Sayulita drives them).

Read my full review of Playa Escondida here.

Book Your trip now. 

Petit Hotel d'Hafa: In Town on A Budget Sayulita Hotel

Ah, Petit Hotel d’Hafa. This place has a ton of character, is small and family-run, and is located right off the middle of the action in the city square and blocks from the beach. In terms of value for dollar, it’s a hard one to beat. 

But cheap price aside, I love it here most because of the artistic atmosphere. 

There are turquoise and red heart painted hallways everywhere you look. Nooks and crannies with beautiful beachy chairs and free books to read. There’s an airy communal open kitchen to grab a quick coffee or fresh snack. And the best part is the morrocan-styled giant rooftop deck. 

The giant rooftop terrace here is complete with red lounging couches and a palapa that overlooks town. It definitely needs to be the set for some kind of Jungalow photoshoot one day. 

The whole experience here is just… swish. 

And it won’t cost you an arm and a leg either. This is one of the more reasonable options in town, starting at a rate of $65 a night.

Do be aware that this is right in town and things tend to come alive in town at night – some evenings can be a bit noisy, though when I curl up in my nice white bedding and glance over at the turquoise heart painted on the wall in my cozy room, I’ve never minded.

Also, it has to be said.. there is no pool here. So, plan to strut your stuff down to the beach (about a four minute walk away) if you want to be in the water. 

Hotel Hafa is small, so book early if you want to secure a room. 

This is a family hotel in Sayulita with 8 rooms managed by a couple who decided to retire to the beach after sailing around the world for years. 

They’re great fun to chat with and always happy to share their tips and local secrets, and pretty much make you feel like one of the family. The hippy chic feel of Sayulita is so alive at Hotel Hafa.

Rates starting at $65. Book your trip now

Villa Sayulita: Budget In Town Hotel Option

This one is for you if you’re looking for a relaxing, zen yoga style environment with what I can only describe as a ‘tropical farm-rustic’ feel. 

It’s in a super location right by the beach.  Villa Sayulita is also nestled next to a fruit orchard. It’s an environment where awesome friendly pups and ducks swing by for a pat every once in a while.


Here you have the choice of two-bed, king-size and palapa-loft penthouse villas, right on the beach and just 10 minutes from town.

Yoga classes, healthy meals,  a smoothie bar, spa and holistic center are all also on offer.

On the menu are loads of different well-being classes and spa treatments, this is truly a place to pamper yourself. The hotel has also created a mountain biking trail you’re free to experience and enjoy.

Budget Yogi Option: Aurinko Bungalows

aukrino-sayulita-hotelsThe Aurinko Bungalows are another “right-in-town” option, they’re minutes from the beach, nestled just off Sayulita’s main square.  Here you get your choice of one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and penthouse bungalows. Each has a nicely equipped kitchen, free wifi, and generous dining and living spaces.

If you’re a yogi (or part time trying to be better at it yogi like me) Aurinko is also where you’ll find the Heart Shala, a lovely wood and palapa yoga studio offering classes dail, so prepare to get your bend on.  Book your trip now. 



haramara-sayulitaOookay, I saved the best for last. Haramara is a total experience. “Magical” is a term that gets thrown around alot by people who come here, I jokingly call it haunted because there’s a definite electricity in the air. 

The word Haramara means “mother of the ocean” and somehow I found that very fitting.

The property is highly secluded and out of town, about a ten minute golf cart ride away. 

The gorgeous cabañas, immaculately-tended property, and chef’s gorgeous vegetarian culinary creations are all part of your experience. 

From the minute we arrived, the service was top notch. 

Our bags were whisked down to our room (which they helpfully swapped at the last minute for me, noticing I was on crutches and would have trouble getting to the room we’d booked before). 

We were then given a complimentary and delicious spread of snacks and tamarind juice while we rested on the terrace and got sorted at booking our massages and excursions for the rest of the trip. 

The rooms themselves are stunning, intentionally built into the side of a jungle cliff, intentionally without electricity and provided with oil lamps (well ok there is a small electricity cheat and some rooms have a cord to plug the fans into). 

They are fully open air with gauzy curtains covering the expansive windows overlooking the ocean. Your shower water drains directly into the ocean below. Each room has an indoor hammock. 

the infinity pool at haramara

The infinity pool at the hotel is the best I’ve ever experienced. It’s saltwater with no chemicals and is quiet and secluded, we often had it to ourselves. It rests on the edge of the hillside/cliff and offers a breathtaking view down to the ocean. 

Helpfully, just beside the pool is a juice bar where you can get kombucha drinks made to order, and if you ask nicely, they may even serve you your lunch there. 

Here’s a juicy rumor: When I first heard about Haramara, it was from friends who swore up and down that they’d spent New Years there with some very interesting other guests. 

At dinner, everyone gathered from various rooms and naturally started introducing themselves. One guy introduced himself as Larry and when asked vaguely mentioned working in tech. 

There is no wifi at Haramara, so my suspicious friend had to wait until she was in town, but she swears, a quick confirmation check revealed that the fellow was Google founder Larry Page. Not that that means anything or matters but… hey, if it’s good enough for Larry 😉  

The massages here are out of this world. I saw Rosie, who everyone nods sagely and says is an “amazing shaman” and I don’t quite know what she did to me but I know I left feeling happy and amazing. My pal David saw the male masseuse (arg his name escape!) and David said it was the best massage of his life, and that it felt like the guy had opened up and dissected his back, then put it back together, in the best of possible ways. 

Haramara is often fully booked up by private yoga retreats, which is actually a great way to experience the property if you’re into yoga. (A quick google of haramara+retreats will show you which retreat is happening on the days you’d like to visit Haramara), but you can also stay there as a solo or group traveller without being part of a yoga trip, just enquire. It is really well spread out so you never feel it’s busy here, even if a retreat is underway. 

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