Things To Do On Crutches

Hi friend 🙂 You’re probably reading this because you need to figure out some things to do with yourself while you’re on crutches, amirite?

I feel you.

I am currently writing this post with one leg suspended on a tower of pillows. I’ve been on crutches for over four weeks now. 

I’ve had to come up with creative ways to not lose my mind while hopping around on one leg or occasionally going down stairs on my butt like a toddler, and I wanted to give you some ideas. 

There are Things You Can Do On Crutches That Are Somewhat Cool

Even if life feels like it grinds to a halt when you’re not super mobile, actually, there are loads of things you can do to stay busy and help future-you be more organized.

That said, I was pretty surprised that a google search of “Things to do on crutches” didn’t really yield much internet gold. 

This just won’t do, therefore I’ve to come up with my own set of ideas for you. If you’re recuperating on crutches and are maybe just a tad stir crazy, this list can help you plan your crutchey day and still feel somewhat productive. 

Without further ado, here are 33 things to do on crutches, so you won’t lose your ever-loving mind. For instance:

  1. Give yourself a beauty treatment.
    Do your hair. Your nails. A face mask. You’ve got time to marinate in muds and deep conditioners and to get those cuticles looking sublime, so use it! Soak in the tub and enjoy your downtime with some pampering.

  2. Discover the Joys of Ordering Your Groceries Online.
    Shopping on crutches sucks. People are in your way, you’re in people’s way, that old lady with a giant card doesn’t give a crap about your hurt leg, carrying a basket is foolhardy, yet shoving things into a backpack is generally frowned upon by security. Skip the hassle and order your groceries online. Amazon Prime Fresh is a pretty amazing creature, if you’ve never tried it. I might even keep ordering my groceries online when I’m healed up. And check with your local grocery store too – many now have online ordering programs and will either deliver straight to your door or pack your groceries into the boot of your car for you.

  3. Learn to Fold like a Ninja.
    Did you know that you can learn magical skills when it comes to folding stuff? Well, you can. And hey, right now you’ve got time to perfect the most amazing way to fold stuff quickly. Check out Japanese folding hacks on YouTube here.

  4. Organize Your Drawers.
    Pull up a chair and get organizing kiddo. Never before have you had so much time to get your drawers looking spic and span.

  5. Make New Music Playlists.
    You finally have a minute to organize your music and create some new grooves lists. A friend of mine likes to say “If you’re not using Spotify you’re doing life wrong” and I’m inclined to agree.

  6. Clean Up Your Inbox.
    When you’re on crutches it’s tempting to feel useless and like you can’t accomplish anything. Au contraire my friend.. you can wrestle your ugly email inbox to the ground and organize it properly. Come on, you know you’ve been meaning to.

  7. Netflix Marathon, Baby.
    How many times in life do you not feel guilty when you settle in for a mega marathon on Netflix? You can binge, guilt free when you’re recovering from an injury on crutches. Really, no one will judge you. (Well depending on what you binge on they might, but that’s another conversation.) I am only slightly ashamed to admit I watched the entire Bridget Jones trilogy the other day with one leg propped on its pillow tower.

  8. Do Your Exercises.
    Even though you’re not your normal mobile self, chances are you can manage some kind of gentle stretching or yin yoga (check out this class on YouTube, which I have found easy to modify for my hurt leg…I love her accent isn’t she cute?). It’s important to keep that blood flowing, in as gentle a way as possible. Repeat: Go easy! Don’t stress any part of you that is hurt. The fitness circle is also a cool way to give your arms a gentle workout.
  9. Have a Bubble Bath.
    A bubble bath is a nice treat for your sore leg(s)

    Please be careful getting in and out of the tub. But, if you can manage it safely, a bubble bath is heavenly, and a little warmth on your injury helps with circulation.

  10. Read that Book.
    Remember books? These paper things we used to hold and read? Dig out an old book and get reacquainted with the joy of reading. I’m re-reading an old fave right now, The Name of the Wind.

  11. Binge on Pinterest.
    Get thee to Pinterest, make some boards and pin! A visual scrapbook may delight your senses for months to come. Pinterest is a great way to plan for future redecorating goals, plan your wardrobe for the year ahead, bookmark some awesome recipes, research fun crafts to do; the list is endless.
  12. Invest in a Knee Crutch.  
    I recently caved and ordered one of these. Honestly I wasn’t sure if it would be worth it, but I’m glad I did it. It took me about ten minutes or so to get comfortable with it, and you won’t be jogging or anything but OH MY GOD your hands are free. Free hands mean you can carry your coffee from place to place! They mean you can do household chores! me with an iwalk knee crutch and my horseAnd for me it meant I could get back to Antonio at the barn. It helped my morale a lot being able to get around and carry stuff with me. It kind of… put me back in the saddle. See what I did there.
    the iwalk model looks entirely too happy for someone who is on crutches, but, whatever.. it is a pretty cool product.
  13. Create your Goals for the Year Ahead.
    Use your downtime to plan goals for the year ahead

    There’s no time like the present to take a step back and visualize your big goals for the year ahead. When you’re on crutches you aren’t distracted by all the little tasks and to-do items you’d normally be tackling, so it’s a perfect time to reflect on the bigger picture and set some goals. I like to use a Google Drive Sheet for my annual goals, so I can come back again and again to review and update.

  14. Unsubscribe from Lame Emails.
    Visit and unsubscribe from all those emails you never read nor want to get.
  15. Strengthen your Brain. 
    Sign up for a Luminosity account and play a couple of brain games.
  16. FaceTime or Call an Old Friend.

  17. Download the Bitmoji app.
    This gave me hours of fun, I’m embarrassed to say. Make your own personalized emoji, and then send all your friends fun cartoon texts.
  18. Find a Podcast you Love 
    Download a bunch of episodes, and binge them. I’m on a true crime tear right now and my faves are: Crime Junkie, Canadian True Crime, Dirty John and Over My Dead Body.

  19. Plan your Next Trip.
    Maybe our travel posts can inspire you?

  20. Clean your Makeup Brushes.
    Clean those manky makeup brushes.

    You know they’re gross. Just do it.

  21. Update your Gadgets. 
    A little spring cleaning, gadget style, anyone?

    Make sure you’re using the latest operating system on your computer and that your smartphone is up to date. Delete any apps you’re not using. I like CleanMyMac to do periodic cleans of my computer.

  22. Clean Your Jewelry. 
    Dish soap makes rings squeaky clean 🙂
  23. Purge Your Nail Polish Collection.
    Nail polish isn’t heavy, so hopefully you can manage to carry your discards to wherever your discards need to go. Purge what you’re not using and tidy up your nail kit.

  24. Online Shop for Essentials.
    Make a list of things you need and do an Amazon shop to find the absolute best prices (be sure to check out Amazon Warehouse for used deals!). Order the essentials you know you need.

  25. Make a Budget.
    No time like the present to dive into your online accounts and statements and get a handle on what you’re spending. Once you’ve done that, create a budget to help guide your finances in the future.

  26. Post Reviews.
    If you’ve been meaning to leave any Yelp or Amazon reviews, now’s a great time to get caught up.

  27. Start a Blog.
    I’m a bit biased here but I think blogging is an amazing thing to do in 2020 and beyond. Share your ideas, dreams and tips with the world, and if you want, you can even try to make some money with your blog. Heck you can even talk about how much you hate crutches on your blog!

  28. Take an Online Course.
    Have you been meaning to brush up on your skills in any area? I recently wanted to learn more about Succulent gardening, so I took a cool course. Chances are Udemy has a course for whatever you need. Lynda and Masterclass are also great places to learn.

  29. Clean Up your Social Networks.
    Now might be a great time to do a purge of Facebook friends who aren’t close friends and to clean up your Instagram feed.

  30. Research Healthy Recipes.
    Healthy chia pudding with yogurt, figs and nuts in glass. YUM.

    It’s hard to plan healthy meals on the fly, but since you’re probably going to have to plan ahead anyway now, take some time to find healthy recipes you want to try out, and bookmark them for later. Pinterest is a great resource for this, and so is AllRecipes.

  31. Try Meditating.
    I know. The last thing you probably want to do is sit still(er) and breathe, but give meditation a chance. I used Headspace for about a year and it was easily the best app I found to help me meditate. Confession time, I didn’t stick with it, but I really want to take it up again soon. Maybe crutch-ville is the time.

  32. Watch a Documentary on YouTube.
    YouTube is full of amazing documentaries. I wanted to learn more about Myanmar before our trip there this year, so I spent hours and hours learning on YouTube.

  33. Write a Blog Post About Ideas for What to do on Crutches! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    In conclusion, a life less ordinary (ALLO) takes many forms! Right now, life is less ordinary for me because it’s mainly spent recuperating in bed. And that’s okay. Sometimes it’s fine to rest. Right?  Right.

    I hope some of these tips helped ease your healing burden a little and gave you ideas for things to do on crutches.

    I’m sorry you’re on crutches 🙁 I know it’s hard, it sucks, and I hope you get better soon.

    Did I miss anything? Please share your ideas and tips for things to do on crutches in the comments below

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