Where to Eat in Myeik, Myanmar

Looking for ideas on where to eat in Myeik Myanmar (Burma)? If you’re looking for some restaurants and food options while you’re travelling in Myeik, we have some suggestions. 

This is a lively culinary area with lots of fresh seafood, local delicacies and interesting street food to try as well as some Western options (and curiously, lots of BBQ). We spent a week sampling the various dining options in Myeik, and here are the places we liked in and around this seaside town.

White Pearl BBQ and Restaurant

Located across from the main waterfront on Strand road with a casual open air pub atmosphere, White Pearl BBQ is a favorite for travellers and expats living in Myeik. We had a great afternoon here over lunch and cold beers. 

They have a large menu with plentiful BBQ options, and curiously, a delicious sashimi menu (rumor has it their chef worked in Japan for many years). We quite enjoyed the squid on ice, and our beers were notably nice and cold. 

White Pearl BBQ and Restaurant No14, Strand Roa

Mergui De Kitchen Restaurant

Mergui de Kitchen Myeik good eats
Mergui De Kitchen Restaurant

In a word: Yum.  Wait; I need two words: hella yum. This was our favorite dining spot in Myeik, the food was delicious. 

The setting here is unique too – it’s a colonial mansion/building with a quiet little alcove patio area boasting many tables off to the side. 

When we first searched for where to eat in Myeik, Mergui de Kitchen was mentioned again and again and after going, it’s easy to see why.

Staff were attentive (okay actually maybe almost too attentive.. we North Americans aren’t totally used to hovering) and the menu was extensive. 

There were loads of BBQ options and pages of Thai dishes. 

Try the seafood salad (fresh, utterly scrumptious), the green curry (my fave in Thailand so my standards are high for it, it was PERFECT), and fried beef. 

Food came quickly and was nice and hot (and also as mentioned, delicious – spiced perfectly) and prices are fair and reasonable. 

The owner is a lovely Burmese man who popped out to ask how our meal was just before we were leaving. 

He speaks fluent English, having lived in NYC and Chicago for years. He even owned an Outback Steak franchise, which probably explains the large list of BBQ items on the menu. 

He was friendly and offered some great local tips on things to do and see in Myeik, in a genuine, gentle manner.

To note:

There’s also a pretty swell cocktails list here, with fun items like blue margaritas and more. No sad dogs either! (see next post). We would definitely return if we had more time in Myeik. 

Mergui de Kitchen Behs Number 1 Street | Myint Nge Quarter, Myeik

The Night Market on Strand Street in Myeik

If you’re deciding where to eat in Myeik, at least one meal should probably happen at the night market – it’s an experience. 

This simple night market appears seemingly out of nowhere each evening on Strand street just across from the water. About 30 or so stalls spring up with offerings of various curries, crepes and fried meats. Some chairs and tables are set up for you to hang out at and enjoy your meal. 

There are also booths with goods for sale such as electronics, clothes and DVDs. 

We headed to the night food market on our rented scooter and ordered a variety of small dishes. They each come on small little plates and you get a larger bowl of rice to pair with them, you pay once you’re done eating. 

I have to be honest and say most of what we ate was…ok, the delicious fried on the spot crepes being the exception and being quite yummy. 

The main problem being the food is generally not hot at the Myanmar markets we’ve sampled. No idea why, but it’s a thing? The taste is not bad, for cold-ish foods, some interesting flavors, but what we ate that night anyway didn’t have a wow factor.  

I had a hard time mentally at the market because the dogs wandering through there were in quite rough shape. I couldn’t help but feed them half my dinner, which irked Josh considerably, as he thought it might appear rude to the locals. 

I did try to be discreet about it, but for me it simply wasn’t an option not to feed them something, they were skin and bones and not even begging, they’d sort of given up. Anyway, watching these poor animals did impact my meal, a fair word of warning to the dog people out there. That said, the market was an interesting experience to be sure – we were the only foreigners there.

Myeik Night Market Food Stalls: Strand Rd, south of the main jetty, Myeik; open daily from  17:00-23:00 or thereabouts

Green Eyes Cafe

Green eyes specialty tea in Myanmar Myeik

Green Eyes is a traditional teashop/restaurant in a simple wooden house. It’s popular for snacks and tea as well as curries, noodle plates, rice and they also do a couple of Western dishes. There’s no sign out front, but it’s located right across from the Green Eyes Hotel. Straightforward and simple dishes with good flavor, neat atmosphere, definitely worth sampling! 

Swe Yar Su

This is a great little traditional Burmese eating spot located on Strand street across from the water. It’s often packed with locals. 

The first point in its favor is that it is the restaurant of choice for the largest tour company in the area’s (Life Seeing Tours) food tour, because, as tour company owner Andre says, he can trust that the food is always delicious, clean and safe for tourists to eat.  

You needn’t be on a food tour to eat here (though if you are, you are guaranteed a selection of pretty cool dishes that aren’t all on the menu and an English guide to walk you through what each is). 

On the regular menu here are lots of fresh BBQ seafood options, many curries and fresh cold beer. It’s always pretty packed from early evening onward, in our experience. 

We recommend you come just before sunset so you can enjoy the views of the sun setting over the water while you eat. Service is super quick, prices are reasonable. 

G Apparao Restaurant

myeik where to eat

This hole in the wall Muslim teashop near the waterfront serves up hot fresh tea as well as some snacks, rice and noodle dishes. The food was fresh whenever we went, and the place never closes (bonus!) 

There are many teashops in town and  this is just one.. we recommend you wander around and poke your head into the teashops you pass by – they’re a great place to get some interesting local culture. 

Kanphyar Rd., Myeik, Tanintharyi Division, Myanmar.

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